Pt Ingress Malindo Ventures Produksi Apa?

Mobil, Suku Cadang Produsen. Sejarah Ingress Corporation Berhad dimulai pada bulan Mei 1991 ketika perusahaan Ingress Engineering Sdn Bhd didirikan di Malaysia untuk memproduksi komponen otomotif untuk pertumbuhan jumlah pembuat mobil di Malaysia dan juga kawasan ASEAN.

Why PT ingress Malindo ventures (ptimv)?

To expand and diversify the Groups operations in order to support and to set a foothold on another automotive market in the region, PT Ingress Malindo Ventures (PTIMV) was formed in Indonesia in August 2003. The plant is located at Jababeka Industrial Estate, a location prominent to this industry in the Cikarang Selatan area.

Why choose ingress?

Today, Ingress is proud to be known as one of the region’s leading automotive component manufacturers with a difference. Along the way, Ingress has harnessed the expertise to combine innovative processes, integrated manufacturing capabilities and simultaneous engineering with our high precision engineering capabilities.

What is the history of ingress Corporation?

The history of Ingress Corporation Berhad began in May 1991 when the company Ingress Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia to manufacture automotive components for the growing number of carmakers in Malaysia as well as the ASEAN region.

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