Pt United Can Company Produksi Apa?

United Can mulai beroperasi pada tahun 1952 Jakarta, memproduksi kaleng kemasan dan saat ini menjadi pabrik kaleng terbesar di asia tenggara.

Who is ptpt United can Company Ltd?

PT United Can Company Ltd. manufactures aluminum, steel and aerosol cans, battery covers, and container closures. NO. OF EMPLOYEES

How do I contact unitedcan company?

PT. UnitedCan Company. Jalan Abdul Muis No.12. Jakarta 10160. Indonesia. Tel: 62 21 3860888. Fax: 62 21 3455857. [email protected].

Why choose unitedcan company?

Building on a record of success that stretches back half a century, UnitedCan Company is one of Asia’s premiere manufacturers of rigid packaging products. In an intensely competitive industrial sector, we have earned a notable reputation for dependability and service.

What benefits does PT United can offer?

We offer a very competitive salary package and also provide on-going training programs to support the professional growth of our people. PT United Can does not have any active jobs right now.

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