Pt Dachin Etech Global Bergerak Dibidang Apa?

Profil PT. Dachin Etech Global DACHIN adalah perusahaan teknologi e-commerce terdepan yang berfokus pada pasar Indonesia dan kawasan Asia Tenggara. DACHIN terintegrasi dengan manajemen merek, Penelitian & Desain, Manufaktur, Logistik, Pergudangan & Pusat Pemenuhan di seluruh industri E-Commerce dan saluran offline.

What is Dachin Etech Global?

Dachin Etech Global (Hereinafter referred to as ‘ Dachin ‘). Dachin is an advanced e-commerce trade solution provider focusing on Indonesia market and covering the global. Dachin owns twelve and surely more additional of competitive private brands.

What does Dachin stand for?

News Center PT.Dachin Etech Global (Hereinafter referred to as “DACHIN”). DACHIN is an advanced e-commerce technology company focusing on Indonesia market and South East Asia region.

What is the Dachin brand management?

DACHIN integrates with Brand management, Research & Design, Manufacture, Logistic, Warehousing & Fulfillment Center throughout the E-Commerce industry and offline channels. DACHIN’s managed multiple brands include Electronic, Home-living, Cosmetic, Fashion, Auto accessories and other categories, with tens of thousands of SKUs.

What are the most popular Dachin brands in Indonesia?

Currently, DACHIN’s managed brands have become popular brands in Indonesia, such as ‘AONEZ’, ‘freemir’ who have ranked top 5 home-living brand in Shopee, top 10 in LAZADA etc.

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