Pt Amcor Produksi Apa?

Amcor memproduksi kemasan yang kaku dan fleksibel untuk makanan, minuman, farmasi, medis, rumah, perawatan pribadi dan produk lainnya, beroperasi di 40 negara dengan penjualan lebih dari $ 9 miliar setiap tahun.

What is PT Amcor specialty cartons Indonesia?

PT. AMCOR SPECIALTY CARTONS INDONESIA is located in Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia and is part of the Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard Mills Industry. PT.

Why work for Amcor Flexibles Indonesia?

Ensuring employees receive fair and competitive remuneration and advancement. Providing the training and development necessary to realise mutually beneficial individual and company goals. PT Amcor Flexibles Indonesia does not have any active jobs right now.

Who is Amcor?

Amcor is a global leader in responsible global packaging solutions. Amcor Specialty Cartons is a global leader in high quality tobacco packaging, serving market-leading customers across Europe, Asia and the Americas. We currently have 21 sites in 19 countries, with a defined growth strategy.

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